Monday, January 10, 2011

phantom vibrations

i have suffered from phantom vibration syndrome; when i think my cell phone is vibrating in my pocket, and when I check it I realize it has done no such thing.  It is my mind tricking me, I get so used to feeling that vibration in my pocket, the feeling on my right thigh I begin to think it happens when it doesn't.

I recently upgraded to a droid phone and my text message notification became a sound, the facebook pop.  over time i began to notice that I would hear this facebook pop in my head, check my phone and realize there has been no text message or other notification.  This scares me, could this be speeding up a form of schizophrenia through phantom noises coming from my cell phone? or is this strictly confined to my cell phone, and how heavily i depend on it, and even sub-consciously want my phone to go off, just so i can feel important. 

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