Saturday, January 8, 2011

for the greater good?

Pretend, for a second, you are a homosexual male. You consider yourself a somewhat religious man, practicing Catholicism. You never really understood why you are a homosexual; you were never molested by anyone when you were younger, never had a boyfriend in your earlier years, etc. But for some unknown reason, you are in fact a homosexual.

You are at church one Sunday, and ever since you're realized that you are gay, you have always found church awkward. But you go anyway because you have done this almost every Sunday of your entire life. You go, because you are what people call a "closet" homosexual. No one knows but you. Your friends never really noticed that you never had a girlfriend or anything of that sense, but they didn't really care because they are your friends.

Anyway, one day, you go to confession. You realize that this is becoming to much of a bear to handle, and you decide to tell the priest. This certain confession session is one where the priest can not see you, and you can not see him. Once you tell him, you get the sense that the other priest is becoming uneasy. He is a very conservative priest, as you can recognize which priest this is in the church, as he has conducted numerous sermons.

You come up with an idea. The priest clearly does not like the idea of a fellow Catholic being a homosexual. You ask if he knows any attractive nuns. The priest is appalled at first. You ignore his response, and ask if he knows any other closet homosexuals. He reluctantly says he does, but refuses to give names, because he does not want you and the others canoodling. You, again, ignore his ignorance. You ask what his thoughts on prostitution are. He is even more disgusted, but is not getting the idea.

Homosexuality is just some sort of mental problem. I have heard that a dose of LSD has been known to make homosexuals turn back into heterosexuals. I'm not saying homosexuality is bad. I just can't see anyone enjoying a life of homosexuality, if one is a "closet" homosexual, as much as a heterosexual male. So what if the church set up something with attractive nuns, and would basically have sexual relations with these closet homosexuals. Would that be frowned upon? At first, I'm sure the church would have none of it. But what is more important? Banging out a chick a couple times, to see if it can cure your illness, at the expense of some nuns, who, really, what do they even do on a day to day basis? Woman have their needs as well. Or live a life of sin, according to the church, for your entire life?

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