Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifa 11

If you have never played the video game Fifa, you have to understand it on multiple levels. First, it is a soccer game that is played on Xbox or PlayStation. It is a very easy game to get the hang of, but very hard to master. The game is mostly luck, with a certain amount of skill involved. It is basically the only video game that I play, and I can modestly say that I am somewhat good at the game. Not an expert, but preety good.

If you have a father, which I assume many of you have, however sorry if you do not, it is a very strange position for someone. My father is quite an excellent man, if I say so. He is nothing like me. He is a West Point grad, has a great government job, and we live in a very high class area.  He is extremely humble. He is the kind of guy that will destroy a game of Trivial Pursuit, and not ever brag about it at the end. If you have a conversation with him about some trivial topic, you could think he is somewhat stupid. But if any facts come up, any percentage about health care or the president or anything like that, if he doesn't know it, I would be shocked. But a father also has to lead his offspring into the right direction for life. Just being a father is very important.

Fifa. Father. How does this interact? Well a couple weeks ago, I was in my basement playing Fifa. Nothing too out of the ordinary. He wanted to do some father son bonding, so naturally he asked if he could play me. I was a little hesitant at first, because if you know anything about fifa, it is a very hard game to just pick up. But I couldn't say no, so I said, "of course."

It was a nightmare. And you wouldn't think so. Naturally, I beat him. Than he wanted to play again, and again. I tried to let him win. I really did. I ended up beating him right before the game would end, just so I would end the pain. But I felt horrible. I had no idea why. I felt the worst I have felt in months. Just because I beat him in some useless video game.

A couple days later, I figured it out. My dad has excelled his entire life. State wrestler. West Point grad. Probably killed someone in war. But when I beat him in fifa, he was completly and utterly useless. And I felt horrible because it was the first time that I think I have seen him fail to me. I'm sure he has failed at other things around me, but this was different because I had a direct effect on it.

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