Thursday, December 30, 2010

pre pre-ejaculation

it's 4:32 AM and i finally get the call.  I head over to my neighbors dorm room to snuggle with her before she goes to sleep.  I am still a virgin and unsure of whether or not this girl is worthy for me to end my chance of salvation with the Roman Catholic God I was raised to believe in.

as we lay in her bed talking, the mood shifts to dry humping and finger-banging.  i then notice im cumming in my pants, rather perfect timing i might add.  my boxers are now soaked in the front left side and i have to tell her i'm a virgin to prevent her from reaching her hand down there, where she will be revealed to my shameful pre pre-ejaculation.  i then stay lying in her bed in the same position for the next twenty minutes talking to her as i feel the shameful semen slide down my left thigh; seeping into her sheets.

fate is weird to me, it gives me such a splendid situation to lose my virginity, a task that i feel has been built up through society and for some reason seems like such a big deal.  i think part of it was my roman catholic up bringing, and the one thing they were able to drill in my head was sex before marriage.  i then confront the opportunity of  sex before marriage, and end up creaming my pants.

the sickest part of the experience was loving every second of it

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