Tuesday, December 14, 2010

perceiving reality

we use our five senses to perceive reality, through sight, touch, sound, hearing and taste we interpret the world around us and these five senses limit us to how we perceive reality.  perhaps humans aren't biologically equipped to perceive everything around us.  maybe as evolution goes on we will have different organs to allow us to see the world around us.  perhaps through darwinism a different species (perhaps extra-terrestrial) could take over as the dominant species of earth.

what if our reality is in a vacuum, like a sandbox.  our reality is a glitch, loophole, or perhaps intentional, creation.  maybe somewhere in the universe in a black hole life is able to exist through a glitch in the system.  maybe aliens or more intellectual species have created this reality for us, and made us to only see the reality through five senses, and then study our lives.

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