Thursday, December 16, 2010

My conflict paper for school

The idea of social networking is genius. It is a practical, yet fun way to keep in contact with new and old friends. Websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc, have all created simple ways for anyone who can use a computer to interact, share pictures, and give status updates on their daily life. Almost every young adult or teenager has one of these “websites.” So who would think that something as fun and practical as this could more or less ruin society as a whole?

Let’s use Facebook as an example. If you’re not familiar with the idea, I’ll give you a general overview. Every user has their own “profile.” It has a picture of you that you chose to represent yourself on your page. Anyone can view your pictures, interests, and info about someone with just a click of a button. Every user has a “wall” where people can post things such as, “happy birthday,” or “ Hey, long time no see!” A very simple idea that was supposed to be used for keeping in contact with people you do not see on an everyday basis. However, this was not the case.

Social networking and I have a “conflict.” Social networking and Communism have a lot in common. In theory, they are both genius ideas. Fool proof beyond all belief. However, nothing can be perfect. Facebook is just a free website a person can use to advertise themselves to the social scene. Girls are the real problem that I am addressing. It is disgusting. Go on a persons page, and you will see multiple things. Number one is that their “profile” picture is usually an edited picture made to make themselves look “cuter.” or “hotter.” And that is just the start. The next thing people usually look at is the amount of Facebook friends one has. I have seen people with over 1,000 Facebook “friends.” I don't think many people are actually friends with over 25 people. The higher the number of Facebook friends, the more the general public views the person as “cool,” or “popular.” Pictures can be uploaded through Facebook, where the number of pictures a person is “tagged” in can reach over one thousand. I find this insane. Why must a person constantly take pictures of what they are doing. Sure, they say it was an important event. But subconsciously, the person just wants to show off how much more fun they are having on whatever night the pictures were taken.

Then, there is a different type of problem with Facebook. I would throw away all my problems that I've mentioned before hand if this problem would go away. The fact that people are now a “slave” for Facebook. What I mean is that people start living more of their lives on Facebook rather than socializing in public. A usual Facebook user goes on maybe 3 times a day. And the only real reason people go on Facebook, is to see if they have any notifications.

The notification.

The biggest problem of them all. If someone comments on your wall post. Notification. Someone comments on a picture. Notification. If someone writes on your wall. Notification. Someone does anything relating to you. You will receive a notification. At first glance, again, a great idea. People want to be able to know if someone did something relating to them without having to search around for it.

However, after analyzing this tactic, it forces users to continually come back to his profile over and over. It is a genius idea by the owner of Facebook, but it has made people become addicted to Facebook. People comment on more and more things, just hoping that they will receive a notification. If a person doesn't check their Facebook for over a day or two, and comes back to see he has zero notifications, possible suicide crosses the mind for a split second. Alright that isn't completely true, but hopefully it conveys the message about how “important” people view the notification.

Sadly, I don't think I will be able to fix this conflict with myself and Facebook. For one reason, many of the things listed above do apply to me. I have been starting to weed myself off of this monstrosity, but it still hovers over me like a cloud. The only way for this conflict to ever end is if people finally realize that Facebook is actually creating a society that is less than euphoric, but rather a fake, tv based lifestyle.

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