Wednesday, December 1, 2010

finding peace within

I have always kind of thought of the whole buddhist "aummmmmm aummmmm" nonsense as basically bullshit. However, I think I found what I am looking for.

My college dorm room was quite hot tonight. I thought what better way to cool of than with a cold shower? Well I cranked the cold knob and jumped in real quick. Man that was cold. I jumped out after maybe 15 seconds, my hair freezing. I dried myself off. But I than thought of what the buddhists do. Like some buddhist monk lit himself on fire at some rally and didn't even budge. That takes balls.

I decided to crank up the freezing cold again, but this time, test my senses. I jumped in telling myself to stay in for as long as possible. At first, it was basically hell. Well not really, more of the opposite. eh? eh? ah fuck you it was a good joke. I thought of the best moment of my life. I won't reveal that, as it is quite important to me, but I stayed in for about 30 seconds before flying out of the shower. I just jumped into my brain and thought of the moment, everything around me basically fell to nothingness. It was incredible. For about 5 seconds, nothing was real but what I was thinking. It was insane. Blackness walled off the dream. Cold became just a figure of the imagination. Than everything snapped back and it was freezing again.

I'm gonna try this again for the next couple nights, see if I can produce the same result and improve my time.

just something fun to do.

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