Thursday, November 4, 2010

Legalize Child Pornography

It's time we legalize the legitimate industry of child pornography.  The benefits that come from child pornography greatly outweigh the risks.  We could be training the porn stars of tomorrow, today.  Instead of spending money on cyber-police departments and imprisoning people who partake in this legitimate part of our culture, we can accept it and integrate this beautiful concept into our lives.

I don't personally look at child porn, but I understand why people do.  They get a thrill from seeing a 12 year old girl getting fucked in the ass and taking a big load on their face.  I get the same sick thrill each time I use facebook.  I go on and see all of my fellow peers advertising them selves.  Each page is an advertisement on why they are cooler than me, better than me, have more fun than me, and have better overall lives than I do.  When people are hanging out with friends, they take pictures of everything, model their lives for the world to see the next morning on facebook. 

The idea of social networking is reinforcing the ideas of cliques and stereotypes.  That you have to conform to a social-norm in order to have friends.  Look at somebodies facebook page and you can see their likes, interests, status updates, and pictures.  It becomes disgusting how anal some people become over how they present themselves over facebook; which eventually carries over to real life and how they act. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go rub one off.   

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