Saturday, February 12, 2011


A bong uses all 4 elements of nature

aw yea

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

holes and poles

women are socially seen as foundation, cook clean and provide for families. men are seen as the one who build on that, having jobs providing food for the family, extremities and maximizing comfort for the family.

holes are dug for foundation, so that poles may be set in place to build buildings.

women have holes.  men have poles. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifa 11

If you have never played the video game Fifa, you have to understand it on multiple levels. First, it is a soccer game that is played on Xbox or PlayStation. It is a very easy game to get the hang of, but very hard to master. The game is mostly luck, with a certain amount of skill involved. It is basically the only video game that I play, and I can modestly say that I am somewhat good at the game. Not an expert, but preety good.

If you have a father, which I assume many of you have, however sorry if you do not, it is a very strange position for someone. My father is quite an excellent man, if I say so. He is nothing like me. He is a West Point grad, has a great government job, and we live in a very high class area.  He is extremely humble. He is the kind of guy that will destroy a game of Trivial Pursuit, and not ever brag about it at the end. If you have a conversation with him about some trivial topic, you could think he is somewhat stupid. But if any facts come up, any percentage about health care or the president or anything like that, if he doesn't know it, I would be shocked. But a father also has to lead his offspring into the right direction for life. Just being a father is very important.

Fifa. Father. How does this interact? Well a couple weeks ago, I was in my basement playing Fifa. Nothing too out of the ordinary. He wanted to do some father son bonding, so naturally he asked if he could play me. I was a little hesitant at first, because if you know anything about fifa, it is a very hard game to just pick up. But I couldn't say no, so I said, "of course."

It was a nightmare. And you wouldn't think so. Naturally, I beat him. Than he wanted to play again, and again. I tried to let him win. I really did. I ended up beating him right before the game would end, just so I would end the pain. But I felt horrible. I had no idea why. I felt the worst I have felt in months. Just because I beat him in some useless video game.

A couple days later, I figured it out. My dad has excelled his entire life. State wrestler. West Point grad. Probably killed someone in war. But when I beat him in fifa, he was completly and utterly useless. And I felt horrible because it was the first time that I think I have seen him fail to me. I'm sure he has failed at other things around me, but this was different because I had a direct effect on it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

phantom vibrations

i have suffered from phantom vibration syndrome; when i think my cell phone is vibrating in my pocket, and when I check it I realize it has done no such thing.  It is my mind tricking me, I get so used to feeling that vibration in my pocket, the feeling on my right thigh I begin to think it happens when it doesn't.

I recently upgraded to a droid phone and my text message notification became a sound, the facebook pop.  over time i began to notice that I would hear this facebook pop in my head, check my phone and realize there has been no text message or other notification.  This scares me, could this be speeding up a form of schizophrenia through phantom noises coming from my cell phone? or is this strictly confined to my cell phone, and how heavily i depend on it, and even sub-consciously want my phone to go off, just so i can feel important. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

for the greater good?

Pretend, for a second, you are a homosexual male. You consider yourself a somewhat religious man, practicing Catholicism. You never really understood why you are a homosexual; you were never molested by anyone when you were younger, never had a boyfriend in your earlier years, etc. But for some unknown reason, you are in fact a homosexual.

You are at church one Sunday, and ever since you're realized that you are gay, you have always found church awkward. But you go anyway because you have done this almost every Sunday of your entire life. You go, because you are what people call a "closet" homosexual. No one knows but you. Your friends never really noticed that you never had a girlfriend or anything of that sense, but they didn't really care because they are your friends.

Anyway, one day, you go to confession. You realize that this is becoming to much of a bear to handle, and you decide to tell the priest. This certain confession session is one where the priest can not see you, and you can not see him. Once you tell him, you get the sense that the other priest is becoming uneasy. He is a very conservative priest, as you can recognize which priest this is in the church, as he has conducted numerous sermons.

You come up with an idea. The priest clearly does not like the idea of a fellow Catholic being a homosexual. You ask if he knows any attractive nuns. The priest is appalled at first. You ignore his response, and ask if he knows any other closet homosexuals. He reluctantly says he does, but refuses to give names, because he does not want you and the others canoodling. You, again, ignore his ignorance. You ask what his thoughts on prostitution are. He is even more disgusted, but is not getting the idea.

Homosexuality is just some sort of mental problem. I have heard that a dose of LSD has been known to make homosexuals turn back into heterosexuals. I'm not saying homosexuality is bad. I just can't see anyone enjoying a life of homosexuality, if one is a "closet" homosexual, as much as a heterosexual male. So what if the church set up something with attractive nuns, and would basically have sexual relations with these closet homosexuals. Would that be frowned upon? At first, I'm sure the church would have none of it. But what is more important? Banging out a chick a couple times, to see if it can cure your illness, at the expense of some nuns, who, really, what do they even do on a day to day basis? Woman have their needs as well. Or live a life of sin, according to the church, for your entire life?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Is Time Man Made?

A lot of people say that time is man made. That it was just something created by our "society" or "the man." That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I fucking hate when people say that time is "man made." When people say this, they expect whoever is listening the think, "whoa, this kid is really deep." Time is not man made. Our clocks are man made. The idea that there is 365 days in a calendar year is man made. But of course that is a man made idea. Man fucking made that idea. But when people saying that time is man made, that's saying that what? time doesn't exist? How would that be possible. It's not like were stuck in one period at one time the entire time. We are constantly propelling into space, moving, living. How would this 80 or so years not be time? The word time is man made, but the idea of time is not. So time is not man made, our calender is man made, the idea of 24 hours in a day is man made, but we are constantly moving through space. So please stop feeding the retards of our generations by trying to dazzle them by your intelligence saying time doesn't exist.

However, I read a very interesting article a couple days ago. It was basically about the idea of time, and how it is "man made." It says that our idea of civilization and a clock has created something called a "technosphere," and that we are living in two different types of time frequencies. The first is the natural timing frequency. This basically governs the universal orders of things. This is the correct frequency, at least in my opinion. It is present for basically every species besides Humans. There is no 24 hour clock, because they don't have any idea what that is. They just live and die, and do not live by the clock. The second frequency is the artificual timing frequency.  This is the 24 clock idea. This has set us apart from the rest of nature, and the world as a whole. This frequency is based of an irregular calendar and mechanical clock, in turn, the technosphere. We are consuming our recourses faster than they can be replaced, and in turn have created a global problem. We are the only species who have created this sort of problem, and it is based of the idea of clocks and calenders.

The idea of the clocks is also called this "artificial" time has taken us away from nature and has made our society view ourselves as higher beings. In the 12:60 idea, time is money. We never feel like we have enough time for anything. In the 13:20 frequency, time is art.

The 13:20 frequency really has nothing to do with time at all. It is the idea that we are one with the earth. The 20 represents our 10 toes and 10 fingers, and the number 13 represents our 13 main articulations: two ankles, two knees, two hips, two wrists, two elbows, two shoulders, and one neck. This represents we are one with the earth, not separated from the rest of the earth.

Anyone with a brain realizes that we are one with the earth. Our only differences is we have a conscious, or so we think. We are on this earth, just like every other animal or insect. But the 12:60 theory is what is separating us from everything else, and forbidding the world to live as one. Everything shaped by time is art.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

pre pre-ejaculation

it's 4:32 AM and i finally get the call.  I head over to my neighbors dorm room to snuggle with her before she goes to sleep.  I am still a virgin and unsure of whether or not this girl is worthy for me to end my chance of salvation with the Roman Catholic God I was raised to believe in.

as we lay in her bed talking, the mood shifts to dry humping and finger-banging.  i then notice im cumming in my pants, rather perfect timing i might add.  my boxers are now soaked in the front left side and i have to tell her i'm a virgin to prevent her from reaching her hand down there, where she will be revealed to my shameful pre pre-ejaculation.  i then stay lying in her bed in the same position for the next twenty minutes talking to her as i feel the shameful semen slide down my left thigh; seeping into her sheets.

fate is weird to me, it gives me such a splendid situation to lose my virginity, a task that i feel has been built up through society and for some reason seems like such a big deal.  i think part of it was my roman catholic up bringing, and the one thing they were able to drill in my head was sex before marriage.  i then confront the opportunity of  sex before marriage, and end up creaming my pants.

the sickest part of the experience was loving every second of it